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“The garden is an exquisite gem”
Ken Cox

“An inspirational garden”
Vivian Russell

“In the top ten best gardens in Scotland”
Scottish Field, Nov 2009

About the Garden

Built in the late 17th century, Shepherd House has been Charles and Ann Fraser’s home since 1957 since then the garden has gone from being a children’s playground to be recognised as one of the best small gardens in Scotland.

Shepherd House is a very personal garden of approx one acre, designed by its owners. No garden designer has been consulted. There was no overall plan so the garden has evolved in stages over the years.

Many ideas have been borrowed from other gardens and all has been drawn together with an artist’s appreciation of colour, texture and form which makes it feel larger than one acre.

Ann loves to paint plants and the garden provides much of her inspiration. Tulips, Irises, Hellebores, Snowdrops and Poppies are grown in profusion with paintings in mind.

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